30 Hour OSHA Construction Industry Safety & Health Class follows the training requirements of OSHA’s regulations for Safety Training using OSHA Outreach Trainers to fulfill this training which adheres to strict guidelines regarding content, performance and delivery as prescribed by OSHA. Lecture/Classroom topics include the following: Introduction to OSHA, Focus Four (Fall Protection, Electrocution, Caught Between and Struck By), Managing Safety & Health, Personal Protective Equipment, Health Hazards in Construction, Stairways & Ladders, Confined Space Entry, Cranes, Derricks & Hoists, Ergonomics, Excavations, Fire Protection & Prevention Powered Industrial Vehicles, Materials Handling, Storage, Use & Disposal, Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment & Marine Operations; Rollover Protective Structures and Overhead Protection; Signs, Signals & Barricades, Steel Erection, Powered Industrial Vehicles, Safety & Health Programs Tools – Hand & Power, Scaffolds, Tools – Hand & Power, Welding & Cutting & Bloodborn Pathogens.

Following this OSHA 10 training course, students should be able to:

  1. Recognize what worker rights are protected under OSHA
  2. Recognize what responsibilities an employer has under OSHA
  3. Identify major fall hazards
  4. Identify common caught-in or -between hazards
  5. Identify common struck-by hazards
  6. Identify types of electrocution hazards
  7. Identify ways to select appropriate PPE and lifesaving equipment
  8. Identify major health hazards common to the construction industry
  9. Recognize how to protect oneself from material handling hazards
  10. Identify major hand & power tool hazards
  11. Recognize role of the workforce in improving the current culture
  12. Recognize the role of management in improving the current culture

OSHA 10-Hour Construction online safety course is a certificate-level review of occupational safety and health for construction workers. When you have successfully completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize, avoid, abate and prevent safety and health hazards in the workplace
  • Follow OSHA construction industry standards
  • Be aware of company policies that may be different than the ones discussed, sometimes more stringent

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